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Thursday, December 12

Christmas At The Indianapolis Zoo #ISMMCATZ

My family recently received four admission tickets and a parking pass so we could check out the Christmas At The Zoo at the Indianapolis Zoo. Upon arrival we were welcomed by a nice display of lights. It was just dusk so you can see them a little in the picture below.

Once we got inside the zoo we were given a park map that showed what areas were open and what events were going on.  Before we even opened it however a couple from the zoo directed us to head towards the White River Gardens where Santa was located. They said if we went as soon as we arrived it would be much faster than waiting till later in the evening.

Once we got inside we got directly into the line and began our wait for the ever so famous Santa Claus! I was very impressed that they even had a table mid-way through with a simple craft activity for the kids.  We had plenty of time for both the kids to make their gift tags before moving forward. And the lady "elf" at the table was very entertaining too.

And here's my little girl once we made it to Santa. They do professional photos while the kids are on Santa's lap, plus the offer an area off to the side where you can take photos of your own. This was great because ordering pictures just wasn't in our budget this time around. I think the one I took turned out pretty good myself!

Then after we finished with Santa there was a table to write a letter to Santa, and a place to decorate a cow headband. Then we were off to the scavenger hunt. The kids each got a list of fill-in-the-blank questions they had to look for the answers inside the butterfly habitat. After they found them all they turned in the paper for a cool zoo pencil.

After we were done indoors we headed into the main zoo area and began walking around to check out all of the awesome light displays. They were all over the main park area and I have to say we were very impressed with how many there were. I think the little bit of snow that was still on the ground made it a perfect night to visit.

As we were walking around we found this sign that say Pizza Sampling Today! Of course we were on board. I'd never had Donatos Pizza before, and now I'm wishing we had one close to us. It was really good and we got it just as they got a new batch so it was still hot.

The last thing we did was watch the dolphin show. It was a perfect way to end our fun evening. I'd have to say Christmas At The Zoo was everything I had hoped and more!

Christmas At The Indianapolis Zoo runs from 5-9pm Wednesday-Sunday • Now-Dec. 29, plus Dec. 23 and 30. They are closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

Disclosure: I was provided with tickets for this even in exchange for a post about the event. No other form of compensation was received and all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Always looking for something new to do during the holidays, this looks like fun. May be better then going to the movies. Deb P

  2. This looks like so much fun :)

  3. You did take a nice picture. I wish we had this near me so that my kids can enjoy sounded like there were enough activities to entertain everybody.

  4. Looks like ya'll had a great time! I have not been to the Indianapolis zoo, but the Christmas festivities look super fun. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Those pics want me to get out of this heat!!

  6. I live in Indy and have volunteered at the zoo many times, but have yet to go to Christmas at the zoo. But now that I have a kid I'm definitely going to go next year.

  7. We live in Indiana and we love taking our grandkids to the Indianapolis zoo.

  8. I live in IL and we have visited the Indianapolis Zoo, but never in the winter time. I always thought this was an activity for the summer. You have changed my mind though. We have a couple of zoos near us & I wonder if they do this also.

  9. This is so wonderful!, I didn't know that they held a Christmas tour or like the zoo here are usually closed during the holiday season. That is really nice..

  10. Cindy MerrillNovember 06, 2016

    I wish our local zoo would do this for Christmas! Some of the animals have been moved indoors.

  11. These types of events are great. You get to kill two birds with one stone.

  12. This looks like so much fun. I have gone to Lincoln Park Zoo during Christmas and really enjoy it.

  13. Although I have relatives in Indianapolis, and we have visited them in past years, they never mentioned there was a zoo! It looks like you all have a wonderful time visiting the zoo, especially at Christmas. Next time we are up that way, I will make sure we check the zoo out.