Stacy Tilton Reviews: You can count on BLACK+DECKER to get the job done!

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Monday, November 7

You can count on BLACK+DECKER to get the job done!

Used to be when I heard the brand BLACK+DECKER I automatically thought about power tools. Heck I even had a few of them myself before I met my husband. I mean a girls got to put together things too right? But as they years have past and I've acquired many different BLACK+DECKER products I don't think that way anymore. Now when I hear BLACK+DECKER I think of a well built quality product.

Did you know BLACK+DECKER has products that range from power tools, lawn and garden tools, home cleaning products and even small appliances? Well, if not now you do. There is truly something out there BLACK+DECKER line for everyone and every walk of life. Take for instance their ROTO-BIT™ Storage Screwdriver it's perfect for someone just starting out that doesn't have many DIY tools at home all the way up to the seasoned homeowner. I know since we got ours I've used it quite a few times around the house. And let me tell you always having the right screwdriver head when I need it has really made life a lot less frustrating.

ROTO-BIT™ Storage Screwdriver – an inclusive tool that makes DIY projects around the home easy and efficient.
• Storage compartment concealed by a clear sliding cover
• Integrated LED work light to illuminate dark project areas
• Magnetic screw holder on top of the tool
• 4V MAX* lithium-ion battery holds charge up to 18 months.
• Includes 8 bits for a variety of tasks.
• The Rotobit rotating bit cartridge stores bits and provides easy accessibility.
• $29.99 MSRP

Another great product from the BLACK+DECKER line is the 2-in-1 Lithium Stick Vacuum. Sometimes you don't need a full sized vacuum, and especially when it comes to smaller spaces like your bathroom. I was doing some pre-holiday cleaning and decided to clean out the entire bathroom closet from the floor up. Having this compact stick vacuum handy really helped because I was able to angle in and clean the entire floor in the closet. I even used the removable hand vac to clean the cobwebs out of the top corners of the closet too! I have to say I love how easy this vacuum is to use. Being rechargeable it can go virtually anywhere without the need of a close by wall outlet. And you can even turn off the brushroll for sweeping hardwood floors or shag rugs. When it comes to getting a job done and done right you can always count on BLACK+DECKER.

2-in-1 Lithium Stick Vacuum – self-standing vacuum perfect for keeping your home carpet clean from holiday messes.
• 2-IN-1 hand/stick vacuum design provides two vacuums in one stylish design for cleaning on and above your floors.
• Lithium technology provides strong suction.
• The on/off powered brush bar allows you to thoroughly clean your carpets and area rugs with a motorized brushroll.
• Self-standing design lets you stand this vacuum upright where you need it, so it's always ready when messes arise.
• The detachable brush bar is easy to clean in between pick up jobs.
• An LED indicator provides a constant update on the battery charge level.
• Smooth pivot steering provides plenty of maneuverability to get around furniture.
• Low profile design allows you to easily reach under furniture while cleaning.
• Translucent, bagless dirt bowl makes it easy to see dirt and easy to empty.
• $99.99 MSRP

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  1. That's a very good point about B&D not just being about traditional tools. I hadn't even considered them as a contender for a new vacuum cleaner...

  2. I've been thinking that I need to get some real tools of my own. Honestly, it's silly for a grown woman to call on her brother to do anything that requires tools. It's not that hard to use a drill, for goodness sake, lol.

  3. WE have a large swath of Black and Decker in our home. I have several different power tools in our garage and I know our food processor is also from them.

  4. Black & Decker is definitely a brand I would trust. Even I know they make quality tools.

  5. That vacuum would be so great on our wood and laminate floors. I've had a black and decker drill for 15 years and it is my go to tool.

  6. I purchase a lot of Black & Decker products but don't have a drill.

  7. I would love to get the Roto-Bit driver as a gift.

  8. I could use both of these Black and Decker tools :) As a single person, I have to rely on my own powers to get things done. These would definitely be highly used in my house :)

  9. My husband bought me a Black and Decker coffee maker a few years ago and it made the best coffee. It has since went to coffee maker heaven. I would love to have one of their 2-in-1 Stick Vacuums. They sound really nice....

  10. This looks really nice...I can def use one.

  11. Looks like a nice product! :)

  12. I've owned a number of Black & Decker products and have had no issues with them!

  13. Loving the stick vacuum

  14. Thank you for sharing. Black and Decker has been around for a long time.

  15. Oh that really looks nice! I can think of so many times it would be nice to have a small one like this! I love that it has the LED indicator!

  16. It would be especially handy to have all the bits readily available. I've started many little projects with the wrong screwdriver or found that I needed multiple kinds once I got into it.

  17. We love Black & Decker brand as they are great quality products! My hubby would love this for jobs around the house!

  18. We have many Black & Decker products in our household because they are such good quality.

  19. I think my husband would love this

  20. I have had several Black & Decker tools and appliances and they last a long time.

    slehan at juno dot com

  21. Black + Decker tools are always well made and high quality.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  22. I think I need this in my life - I love power tools (I get it from my Dad).

  23. I use a lot of tools, and got to say black n decker makes quality products. and they make great kitchen products too.

  24. I love the two in one hand design.Looks like you can get a lot done with it!

  25. My husband used to be a carpenter until he got cancer. ALL he ever used was Black and Decker tools. He liked their value, the construction, and he like the store who sells them here (Sears) Sears has refurbished tools and would do repairs so his tools lasted a ong time. They have so many options.

  26. This is so handy. I would like one.