Stacy Tilton Reviews: Try these kid friendly not-too-sweet treats for Valentine's Day

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Friday, February 5

Try these kid friendly not-too-sweet treats for Valentine's Day

As a parent we always want to show our kids we love them and what better day then Valentine's Day. But we have to be careful not to go overboard and show that love with sugary sweets that aren't good for them.

Thanks to AquaBall, the only no sugar, no calorie children's drink on the market here are a few great ideas that are not only better alternatives, but they are super easy too!

These are some great ideas that kids will love and will definitely be much better for them over the candy hearts and chocolate coated heart shaped marshmallows.


  1. The heart-shaped fruit kebabs are a fun idea! We're trying to cut back on sugar so these are great alternatives.

    1. It's super easy to do with a cookie cutter for most fruits, and of course strawberries are already that shape when sliced down the center.


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