Stacy Tilton Reviews: Save time and stress a little less with Progresso Cooking Stocks #progressoeats

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Monday, February 8

Save time and stress a little less with Progresso Cooking Stocks #progressoeats

The main cooking holidays may be well behind us, but that doesn't mean we don't still spend lots of time in the kitchen. Making meals for our families is pretty much a daily activity year round. And that means us moms are always looking for healthy solutions to make mealtime a little less stressful. Progresso Cooking Stocks can be one of those solutions and time savers. They are natural and really do taste like they were homemade. Progresso simmers real bones, vegetables and herbs to create that "like grandma makes" flavor.

I like to use cooking stocks for a variety of meals from soups to marinating meats and adding flavor to vegetables. The unsalted chicken stock is great for those meals that have ingredients that are already high in salt content. This helps keep your overall salt level (and taste) from becoming too much. I like to use the vegetable stock in my Crockpot beef stew. Saves me the step of having to create the vegetable stock ahead of time so I can just pour this into the crockpot along with all of my ingredients and let it simmer all day long.

Progresso Cooking Stocks are available in chicken, unsalted chicken, and vegetable varieties.

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  1. These are so good and convenient and make wonderful soups, stews and roast beef, thank you for sharing this review Thank you Progresso

    1. I agree. I love having convenience foods like this that is actually good for my family too.

  2. It's great that they have the unsalted option, since we're trying to cut back on sodium!

    1. I was pretty excited about it too. Some foods already have too much salt added to them. Nice to have this option.


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