Stacy Tilton Reviews: - "Catch" Santa in your living room this year!

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Wednesday, December 21 - "Catch" Santa in your living room this year!

About this time last year I posted about and how excited my kids were to see a picture of "Santa" right in our living room! Just wanted to remind you all of this awesome idea, it's quick, easy and inexpensive!

In 3 simple steps, can help you turn a typical Christmas morning into something spectacular! Want Santa by the Christmas tree? Coming down the chimney? Eating milk and cookies? Sleeping on the sofa? Stealing a kiss from Mommy? For less than $10 anyone can bring back the wonder of Christmas and be a hero to children by catching Santa "in the act."

Act now and get 50% off by entering code: SANTA50 and get your entire order for 1/2 price!

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  1. Ashley rexrodeDecember 21, 2011

    That's amazing! My daughter would love to see Santa :)

  2. What a smart idea! I went to the site just to sample it out. I like how you can pick different Santa poses and especially makes it authentic looking by using your own home pic for the background.

  3. now that my kids are old enough to believe in Santa, this would be a great thing for me to do for them. I know they would love it! I think it's a great idea. thanks!

  4. What a great idea!!!

  5. this is such a fun idea! i cant wait to show my boys a picture of santa in our living room this year! thanks!

  6. I wish I would have done this this Christmas. My daughters would have been thrilled! Next year for sure!

  7. I think that I am going to do this next year. My little girls would not believe their eyes.

  8. We made a photo this year, and my kids loved it. Thanks so much!
    hschonrock at yahoo dot com

  9. We did this last year. So much fun!

  10. I di this for my husband with their Easter Bunny this year. I really had him convinced the bunny was in the picture when I took it. (It was standing behind him.) I finally fessed up since it seemed wrong to not tell him how I did it - LOL.