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November 24, 2015

12 Steps To A Hassle-Free Family Move

Moving is difficult for a single person. Add a family and it can become an ordeal. It’s not the number of people moving that multiplies the difficulty factor. It’s the conflicting opinions (and temper tantrums) on how to move.
While chaos is a common scenario in a family move, it does not have to be. Cut doubt and uncertainty with a harmonious moving plan. Moving does not have to be a hassle. 
Here is a step-by-step plan of action:

Step 1: Rally the troops
Take the family out for dinner for a family meeting. During the meal, delegate leadership. It could be the spouse with more time or the highest level of organization skills. It could also be Joint Chiefs of Staff. 
When no-one is in charge, everything is open for negotiation. Arguments abound as people change their minds on how to do things.
Delegate tasks once the family has voted on the leadership structure. Decide who will do what and when it should get done.

Step 2: Get estimates
Pick a moving company to work with based on research. Ask others. Surf the Internet. Once you’ve chosen your moving company, set a date for the agent to visit your home. You need an estimate on how much it will cost to move.
Show the agent what you want to move. Read the brochure on your rights and responsibilities and the carrier’s liability. 
Some moving companies like United Van Lines offer you a customized online move planner. Here is how they describe their online resource: “Your customized site provides access to resources and tools such as videos and tips on packing; checklists for before, during and after your move; a moving day countdown; important contact information; and a convenient location to access all of your moving documents.”

Step 3: Book your move.
By booking your move, you accomplish three things:
  • You have locked in your moving out date.
  • You have confirmed your moving plan.
  • You have developed a relationship with a coordinator who can help you with your move. 
Step 4: Notify service providers.
You will need to notify the following service providers about your move:
  • The United States Postal Service.
  • Your bank.
  • Your insurance agency.
  • Your credit card companies.
  • Any subscriptions you might have (magazines, lawn services, health clubs, etc).
  • Any professional services you might have (lawyers, doctors, accountants)
  • Any organizations, clubs, or committees that you might have joined.
Step 6: Declutter
It's now time to declutter your home. Go through every closet or storage space in every room in your house. Get rid of stuff through garage sales, online auctions, or goodwill organizations.

Step 7: Update your mover
Contact your mover to update them on the following things:
  • ·  What you have added or subtracted things from your planned move.
  • ·  Any changes in your moving dates because of unexpected schedule shifts.
  • ·  Your destination address.
  • ·  Telephone numbers.
  • ·  Any changes in the moving route. Perhaps, you have some extra stops to make to pick up or deliver things.
  • ·  Any changes you need to make for the auto transport.
Step 8: Say goodbye to family and friends
Moving away from family is a difficult emotional experience. As blogger Jennifer Andersen put it, "It’s not that I don’t want to go. It’s just that I don’t want to leave."
Call, visit, or have farewell parties to say goodbye to family and friends. It’s important to be thorough, as even distant relatives you haven't spoken to in a while will feel hurt if you just pack up and move without saying goodbye.

Step 9: Prepare for your pets
Make boarding or travel plans for your pets. If moving out of state, take them to a vet for any required health certificates.

Step 10: Take care of final details
There are many little things that you may need to take care of before you leave.
Here are a few suggestions:
  • Pick up things you had sent for cleaning or repair.
  • Empty your lockers at clubs or gyms.
  • Return things you have borrowed, including your library books.
  • Get rid of anything that you don’t need to take with you.
  • Confirm or cancel any appointments.
Step 11: Moving Day and Delivery Day
On moving day, you should:
  1. Make sure that everyone is clear on schedules and details. 
  2. The movers don't leave anything behind when loading the trucks.
  3. Fill out, sign, or review any necessary paperwork. These are things like the High Value Inventory Form and Bill of Lading/Freight Bill.
  4. Confirm the van operator has your exact destination and phone number.
  5. Take a last look around the house. Make sure everything is shut-off, disconnected, or shut and locked.
Then, on delivery day, you should
  1. Be available to accept delivery. 
  2. Check the condition of all your goods. 
  3. Direct where you want all the heavy furniture and appliances to go. 
Step 12: Settling In

It’s important not to lose the momentum you built up making the move. It’s only too easy to procrastinate. Get the family to appreciate the importance of taking action. Explain how settling in quickly will help everyone enjoy their new life that much faster. 

Birds Eye and Disney Team Up to Help Kids Eat their Veggies

Do you struggle with getting your kids to eat their veggies? Yet if you put a bowl of mac & cheese in front of them they will gobble it down? I know I've dealt with that issue with both of my kids. Thankfully Birds Eye and Disney Team have teamed up to help us moms with that problem. Birds Eye, the number one name in frozen vegetables is introducing a first-of-its-kind frozen offering, bringing nutritious, veggie-rich side dishes to kids, featuring Disney characters they know and love. I love the offerings that Birds Eye has come up with and by putting my daughter's favorite Disney characters right on the front of the packages she even wants to pick them out herself for meals. It's funny how she will look past the veggies inside the bag and says to me "Mom can I have the Frozen pasta for dinner?". But hey, I'm okay with that because I know there's veggies mixed in with that pasta that I otherwise would not have gotten her to eat. I know because I've tried the hidden veggie trick before and got busted. I'm just glad I was able to check these out and find a solution that she will eat and the whole family can enjoy with her.

The Disney offerings by Birds Eye feature pastas in the shape of today’s favorite Disney characters paired with veggies kids already know and love.

Varieties include:
• Elsa & Anna Pasta & Peas with a Parmesan Cheese Sauce
• Mickey & Minnie Whole Grain Pasta & Corn with a Butter Sauce
• Mater & McQueen Pasta & Broccoli with Cheese Sauce

• Olaf Pasta & Carrots with a Tomato Sauce

I had a little trouble finding these when I first went to look for them, but it seems like they are starting to show up in more stores now. So if you don't see them in one store, don't give up. I found mine at our local Meijer store.

Adult Coloring Books make great gifts #Giveaway - Ends 12/8

If you haven't checked out adult coloring books yet then let me tell you I think you are missing out. I love mine and to be honest I probably have more coloring books than my daughter does, and she's nine! And the funny part is she's always borrowing my coloring books now instead of asking me to color with her in hers. I love that adult coloring books have become so popular because there are so many to choose from with so many different themes. One of the latest books I got really has me excited because I can actually use the pages after I color them. They are actually note cards that you tear out. I'm one of those people that likes to use things beyond their original purpose if possible so I can make the most out of things.

'Tis the season for peace, joy, and coloring! 

Coloring books are beyond popular at the moment. Peace. Joy. Color. brings a useful, festive spin to the shelf: The finished pages can be used as holiday cards gift tags, or frameable keepsakes. The art has a more modern, artistic feel than the current Christmas coloring book comps and will appeal to a wide range of shoppers and gifters. People are looking for holiday-themed coloring options online; "Christmas coloring pages" receives 40,500 average monthly searches Deck the halls and break out the colored pencils.

From decorative trees to festive ornaments, inside readers will find iconic and modern images that truly celebrate the system. Featuring quotes from classic Christmas songs and traditional holiday greetings, these 20 tear-out notecards are perfect for readers to color in and share, or to add a dash of good cheer to the office or home. This one-of-a-kind coloring collection is a great way to get in the holiday spirit!

The Tula Pink Coloring Book offers Tula's 75+ signature designs in a fun, coloring book format! Appealing to all ages, Tula's design approach stylizes novelty motifs—animals, insects, boats, silhouettes, flowers—intermingling them with groovy-to-color graphics. Tula's is quirky and cool, her two previous books have sold more than 50,000 copies, and she has a great following in several creative communities.

If you haven't had the chance to check out an adult coloring book yet, or you're looking to add some variety to your current collection make sure you enter my giveaway where you can win both of the books featured above.

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