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Monday, July 24

Eyeglasses - Necessity, fashion accessory, or both?

My daughter may only be 11-years old, but she's already all about making fashion statements. She loves to coordinate her clothes with her accessories, and I have to say she does a darn good job at it. When she's wearing her glasses I'm always telling her how cute and grown up they make her look. She has glasses she has to wear when she's reading or on the computer, but lately she's gotten into wearing glasses for fashion too. She doesn't need to wear her prescription glasses all the time so I got a few pairs of eyeglasses online at They have a wide selecting of eyeglasses that you can get with our without a prescription. They even have prescription sunglasses too. At glasses starting at around $10 they make a fun fashion accessory that gives you a totally different look. Of course if you need a prescription lens it's super easy to order them right from the same website - as long as you know your prescription. I was super excited to see that they even offer computer/reading glasses as an option because that's what my daughter and I both need glasses for.

There are a ton of colors, shapes, and styles of glasses to choose from. They even have a fun "try-on" tool on their website where you can upload a photo of yourself and virtually try on glasses to see how they will look.

Buying eyeglasses from is easy and affordable. Nowadays, discount glasses are what people look for due to their important vision correction as well as aesthetic facial accessory function. Despite the fact that cheap glasses are in great demand, a pair of decent glasses costs more than one hundred dollars in local stores, making it difficult for wearers to own several pairs at the same time because of their limited budgets.

Fortunately, GlassesShop makes high quality designer eye wear available for every customer who wants to have his own statement with a pair of eyeglasses customized for him. There are a variety of frames for wearers to choose from, which means under most circumstances people can find a pair of glasses suitable for themselves.

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Friday, July 21

Power Up and Recharge with RuckPack #RPShot2017

My husband works second shift and sometimes it can last 12-14 hours depending on if things go right or not. He's the guy that gets to work on the robots that do part of the work on the line. And if there's a problem, he's also the guy that gets to stay after and fix them. Sometimes that means he gets home pretty late (or should I say early) between 4-6am. So he doesn't get alot of time to sleep before having to get back up and do it all again. And if you've ever went several days in a row without much sleep you know how hard that can be to get up and get going. For him that would usually mean turning to an energy shot, or energy drink. Something I've never really been fond of after hearing how bad they truly are for you. So I've been watching and reading up on ways to help provide him with that same energy boost, but without the long-term side effects. One thing I recently came across was RuckPack.

Healthier Alternative to Energy Shots: With all the concern over the dangers of energy drinks and energy shots, it is time to offer the consumers a healthier alternative. With a non-caffeinated and a moderately caffeinated version, RuckPack offers alternatives to the current mega dosing of caffeine that currently exists within the energy shot market. RuckPack® Energizer Nootropic Shots are made with natural sweeteners, colors, and flavors. The caffeinated shot even contains natural caffeine from green tea. No sucralose. No synthetic caffeine. Plus, RuckPack® works to counter the negative effects of caffeine in other ways. Theanine helps blunt caffeine’s attack on the central nervous system while improving focus. Citrulline, a vasodilator is used to counteract the vasoconstriction caused by caffeine. We also add a powerful anti-oxidant, CoQ10, to restore a benefit of coffee lost during caffeine extraction. Now you can get all the benefits of caffeine while minimizing the side effects and bolstering the cognitive benefits!


This was exactly what I was looking for all this time. A way to give my husband that energy without causing his body other issues in the process! I love that they come in both an energy shot and drink form because he likes both. The shots are easy for him to toss in his backpack and the drinks are nice to keep in his mini fridge at work. Then he has two options depending on how much time he has. He's only tried a few of them so far, but on the overall he said he really likes them. He said the flavor is good and the energy boost is great. Plus he said he noticed that he doesn't have that jittery feeling he sometimes gets with the other energy products on the market. So if you ask me these are definitely the better way to go.

Originally founded by Marine Special Operations Forces in the battlefields of Afghanistan, RuckPack is military service-member owned and operated. It’s a brand whose owners live by a code of service to country and community and who uphold the ideals of honor, dedication, and integrity. The RuckPack Team will never fall short of such ideals, and their products serve as an example of this dedication. RuckPack remains committed to their military roots, and everything RuckPack offers is designed with the warfighter in mind. RuckPack is made in the USA and is committed to giving up to 10% of profits back to charity.

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of the above mentioned brand. I received product(s) in exchange for my honest and unbiased thoughts. All thoughts and opinions stated are my own and are in no way influenced by my partnership with mentioned brands.